Wedding hairstyles for short hair

Wedding hairstyle ideas for short hair

There are lots of wedding hairstyles for brides with short hair to choose from, here are just a few of the bridal hairstyles I’ve created to date!

Each persons wedding hairstyle has been created specifically for them. And each hairstyle is as different and individual as each bride.

So, whether you’re thinking of a soft relaxed wedding day hairstyle or a smooth and sleek style, there are lots to choose from.

I would recommend having a trial run, so you can try different hairstyle ideas. You might be surprised at just how much choice is available when if comes to creating hairstyles for short hair!

blow-dry hairstyle for short hair

Quite a few of my brides with short hair opt for a blow-dry for their wedding day hairstyle. Especially if the hair is very short.

But, if you are thinking of having an up-do as your wedding day style, you might be surprised! You hair really doesn’t have to be particularly long to be able to create a gorgeous little up do.

wedding hair styles for short bobs

Some of the ladies in the photos have short bob hairstyles, and they still got to have their wedding day up-do hairstyle!

Just get in touch if you’d like any help or hairstyle advice.

bridal hairstyle tutorials for short hair

If you’re a bridal hairstylist reading this and you’re wondering how these beautiful hairstyles have been created on such short hair, read on!

Bridal hairstylists can learn how to create beautiful hairstyles for all hair types and hair lengths, online with Create Beautiful Hair.

And with specific tutorials on how to create bridal hair styles for short hair it’s problem solved.

If you’re not sure about what to do

with your hair or you’re worried about

what makeup would look best. . .

Just drop me a line – advice comes free!