Choose The Perfect Bridal Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

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With so much bridal hairstyle inspiration out there, from Pinterest to Instagram, most of you brides-to-be will have already done extensive research to find a look you love. Whilst getting ideas for you and your hairstylist to work with is great, selecting a bridal hair style on the basis of how it looks on someone else can be a huge mistake. Why? More often than not, it all comes down to face shape.

The shape of your face will largely dictate whether or not a style will look amazing or awful, so to find a style which will look great on you, it’s important to know which styles work with your face shape and which ones don’t.

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Feeling clueless about finding your perfect bridal hairstyle? Send me an email or give me a call to talk it over with a pro!

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Find Your Face Shape


There are only a handful of standard face shapes that you are likely to have and it’s really pretty easy to find out what that is using this simple technique:


Scrape your hair back away from your face and lightly draw around the outline with an eye pencil. Take a step back and have a look from a short distance – you should be able to roughly see which category (see these below) that you fall into.

 Bridal Hairstylist Top Tip!


Don’t be shy about discussing your preferences with your bridal hairstylist. Communication is key to creating your perfect bridal hairstyle, so if you’re keen to cover up your ears or you’d love to flaunt your swan-like neck – speak up!

Putting together a bridal look that you love should be a team effort, with professional consultation from your hairstylist and back and forth between you. I know that some of my clients can be shy, so I always make a point of asking lots of questions and reading body language to make sure that they get what they really want.

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Hairstyles for Different Face Shapes


There are 7 different face shapes that you will most likely fall under and each has their own ‘pros and cons’ to make them more or less suited to certain hair styles.



Key Traits: A prominent chin and large forehead


Celebrity Lookalike: Sarah Jessica Parker


What Works: Create balance with width with side partings, up-styles around the mid-section or side buns


What Doesn’t: Middle partings are a no-no, as are very long, straight styles





Key Traits: Soft, round edges and full cheeks


Celebrity Lookalike: Adele


What Works: Use height to elongate the face and use pieces around the face to draw out cheekbones and slim down


What Doesn’t: Avoid styles lacking in volume and height





Key Traits: The ‘perfect’ face shape! Features evenly proportioned and chin narrower than the forehead


Celebrity Lookalike: Jessica Alba


What Works: Pretty much everything!


What Doesn’t: Show that face off – don’t cover it up





Key Traits: Angular but short face with strong jawline


Celebrity Lookalike: Natalie Portman


What Works: Use waves and curls to soften the edges


What Doesn’t: Tight, pulled back styles





Key Traits: Wide jawline with narrow cheekbones and forehead


Celebrity Lookalike: Kate Hudson


What Works: Add width around the top with an off-centre or zig-zag parting or an up do with volume on top


What Doesn’t: Avoid styles with any focus around the chin



Heart (Inverted Triangle)


Key Traits: Wide forehead, narrow chin. Great cheekbones!


Celebrity Lookalike: Halle Berry


What Works: Create balance by drawing attention to the narrow chin area with curls or pieces falling forward


What Doesn’t: Steer clear of too much height or slicked back styles





Key Traits: Narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones


Celebrity Lookalike: Keira Knightly


What Works: Deep side partings and soft hairstyles


What Doesn’t: Flat styles, too much volume at the sides or crown

On the hunt for that perfect bridal inspiration for your big day? You’re not alone! All 2017 brides will now be on the look out for their dream dress, hair and makeup and whilst Pinterest is great, you really can’t do better than turning to the red carpet for high fashion looks.

If you want your choices to be bang on trend for 2017, award ceremonies might just hold the answer for you. To kick awards season off, celebs donned their finest for the Golden Globes.

Bridal Inspiration: Golden Globes 2017 Hair, Makeup & Wedding Fashion

Emma Stone

Fairytale whimsy complete with starry embellishments starts us off on our run down of Golden Globes bridal inspiration, courtesy of the gorgeous Emma Stone, gracing the red carpet in her Valentino gown.

This very pale pink is a colour we can expect to see a lot more of in 2017, both on the red carpet and down the wedding aisle. Doesn’t it look fabulous with her auburn hair? Definitely one for the red head brides out there!

With a dress so beautifully decorated, Emma has quite rightly kept her makeup fresh and simple to avoid making the overall look too busy. I adore her choice of lip colour here, which flatters her skin tone perfectly. Strong and perfectly groomed brows frame her face whilst a pop of orange toned blusher really brings out those cheek bones.

Emma’s hair hair been put up in a wonderfully loose up do, which exudes elegance whilst still remaining quite relaxed.

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez demonstrates perfectly how to do the roaring twenties fashion this year. We’re still loving those beaded tassels, a la 1920s flapper girls, but the Hollywood length and plunging neckline bring this bang up to date.

To continue the theme, Gina has opted for Hollywood waves in her hair, which as you can see look equally amazing on shorter styles as on long locks. Fantastic bridal inspiration for shorter hairstyles.

Lashes play the main role in Gina’s flawless makeup, really amping up the glamour and sex appeal of the whole look.

Lily James

We saw a lot of one shouldered dresses at Bridal Fashion Week in October 2016, set to be the next big thing for Spring 2017. Right on time, Lily James chose to wear this simply stunning, Grecian gown, complete with an attached flowing cape and nipped in waist to really show off those curves. Figure hugging, yet still demure enough for a bride.

Shoulder length hair is the cut of the season, so I’m expecting to work with many more brides with this length in 2017, as opposed to the long tresses that brides-to-be often aim for. Lily has kept her hair cutting edge – shoulder length with loose, messy waves. This creates the ideal counter balance between cool and glamour. She’s also had just a touch of volume and lift added in at the crown for that really regal look.

Smoky eyes are a must here – just check out that smoulder! Her lips have been kept defined but nude though, so as not to over do it.

Lola Kirke

A newbie on the celeb circuit, Lola Kirke (seen in ‘Gone Girl’ last year) may not be a household name yet but she sure does have her red carpet style down – definitely one to watch for your bridal inspiration.

Just as embellishments are a must for 2017 wedding dresses, so is embroidery, just as Lola has worn here (oh, and there’s that pale pink again!).

Following suit with the length of the moment, shaggy, messy waves in a 70s style give this outfit a really relaxed feel, despite the dress actually being quite ‘princess-like’.