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Wedding natural makeup and bridal hair in a soft low bun hairstyle for bride and mother of the bride. By Pam Wrigley wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist, London.

A lot of women are getting married later in life these days, and some of my favourite bridal makeup looks have been on my more mature brides.

Being a little older doesn’t mean you can’t look just as gorgeous as you did in your 20s, as long you (or your bridal makeup artist) know the subtle adjustments to make in terms of products used and technique.

If you’re 40+ and getting married, it is essential that you go with a makeup artist who know’s their stuff when it comes to creating gorgeous makeup for mature brides, or if you’re thinking of doing your own makeup, make sure you know all the tips and tricks of the pros for a flawless finish!


As we age, our skin and hair texture starts to change, and applying makeup to this sort of surface is very different to what you may already know

To learn how to apply your own bridal makeup beautifully, you can always attend our 1 day makeover masterclass, where you can discover fabulous looks that work for you with our team of pro hair and makeup artists, but to keep you going before you can join us there, here are some top tips on working with mature bridal makeup from award-winning Pam Wrigley:

natural makeup for a mature bride and bridal hairstyles for brides with short hair, by wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist Pam Wrigley in London


When starting with your bridal makeup base, remember that mature skin may have a tendency to be quite a bit more dry than what you’re used to.


To combat this and ensure a flawless finish, be sure to start with a lovely hydrating primer to prepare the skin. Do not skip this step, whatever you do!!

Using a hydrating primer will not only help to create a more even and supple base to work with, but it will also help to minimise pores and fine lines, which no-one wants to see when they get their wedding photos back!

Pam’s favourite primer for mature brides is the Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer.

Go light on the foundation if you can – thick bridal makeup will only lend to deeper creases and lines. To better your chances of getting good coverage with as little product as possible, make sure you’re using really high quality foundation or tinted moisturiser, with lots of pigment, for smooth, even coverage.

Pam’s favourite foundation when working with a mature bride is Cosmetics A La Carte – Skin Tint.

Under The Eye

Be very careful when working on the eye area – the skin here, particularly under the eye, can be very delicate and sometimes quite creased.


For coverage, choose something very light (even lighter than the skin tint mentioned above!). You want something that does the job and creates luminosity, without looking caked on.

Pam’s favourite under-eye coverage for mature brides is YSL Touche Eclat or By Terry Touch Expert

For lining under the eye, avoid using eye pencils as these do tend to get into the creases and smudge. Instead, opt for an angled brush and a dark eye-shadow to create the required ‘oomph’!

Pam’s favourite brush for this is the Screenface Angled Brow Brush

Wedding natural makeup and bridal hair in a smooth sleek hairstyle for mature bride. By Pam Wrigley wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist, London.
Smoky, vintage makeup for a mature bride, plus bridal hairstyles for older brides by wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist Pam Wrigley in London


Begin by using a light primer on your eyelids, to help reduce that ‘crepey’ look. Don’t use a regular eye primer for your bridal makeup (such as MAC paintpots, which Pam likes to use on her younger brides), as this can be too heavy and give the eyes a droopy look. Instead go for something nice and light.

Pam’s favourite light primer for a mature bride is Ingot Eyeshadow Keeper.

Always use powder eyeshadow rather than cream, as they last longer and won’t settle into the creases. Gentle shimmer shadows can work well for bridal makeup, but avoid too much glitter as this will just emphasise lines.

Pam says “Sometimes I start with a matte eyeshadow to get the shading and highlights just right and then I add a touch of colour with a slight shimmer on top (just in the inner and centre eye lid and a touch below the brow) – this gives a bit of freshness to the finished look!”

When applying eyeliner, avoid harsh clean lines – keep them looking soft and subtle instead. By all means, use a liquid or gel liner for precision, but not too thick! Once applied, soften it by applying a smudge of a dark eyeshadow on top and blend out with a soft angled brow brush.

Lips & Lashes

When it come to doing the lips, it’s always personal choice whatever your age! However, for mature brides try to avoid glosses or anything too matte.
Ideally, you want a soft moist look to the lip, but nothing too over the top.

To keep the lip colour precise, make sure you use a great liner.Cosmetics a la Carte do a lovely waterproof invisible lipliner.

Lashes get thinner as we age, however, using a thickening mascara to beat this will only end up looking clumpy. Use a fine mascara and build it up in layers for that gorgeous, fluttering volume.

Pam uses Clinique Lash Power on her mature brides, or Lance Hypnose Drama for a bit of extra oomph!

False lashes are always a winner when it comes to adding those finishing touches, however, avoid strip lashes as they look far too fake! When you’re going for fabulous, effortless looking glamour that looks like we haven’t tried too hard(!) try using individual lashes – You can use different lengths for a really natural look.

Pam likes to use the Salon System Individual Lashes, as they come in a great variety of lengths to enable you to create the perfect look. Try combining Ultra medium, short and ultra short along the eye for full on gorgeousness or if you have shorter lashes, just try the short and ultra short for a natural look.

smoky makeup for a mature bride and bridal hairstyles for brides with short hair, by wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist Pam Wrigley in London
Wedding natural makeup for mature and older bride. By Pam Wrigley wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist, London.


When creating beautiful brows you may find powders easier to control than pencils, to get just the right amount of colour without going too heavy.
With mature brides, brows should only be gently defined and not too dark – just enough to frame the face.
You might have thin brows that you love, and that’s OK! You bridal makeup is about what is right for you after all, so keep them that way and just add a bit of definition.

Benefit Brow Zings Brow Shaping Kit comes in a couple of different shades with some great little brushes. It also comes with a set of mini tweezers – ideal for getting the perfectly framed face effect!

Blusher & Contouring

Cream blushers are lovely to use on mature skin – they look fresh, dewy and fabulous! Exactly what you want for great bridal makeup.

Pink tones on the cheekbones and apples looks stunning on most complexions. However, if you have more of a ruddy complexion, avoid pink tones and opt for nude tones on the outer edges of the cheek bones instead, avoiding the apple, as the natural redness might start peeping through after you’ve had a glass of champagne!!

Bobby Brown do some lovely, textured, cream blushes in fabulous natural looking shades.

If you’re after some definition and want to try your hand at a bit of contouring, easy does it!

It is very easy to over-do this technique, so take it slow and build up gradually.

Illamasqua do some lovely contouring gels that are easy to use and work well on mature skin, but use with caution!

Wedding natural makeup and bridal hair in a soft low bun hairstyle for mature bride. By Pam Wrigley wedding makeup artist and bridal hair stylist, London.

Jessica Biel’s look was a hit at the Cannes Film Festival back in 2013 and it is no surprise why. It is perfect for brides to be to recreate on their big day, particularly as it suits so many different skin tones. This natural dewy look is easy to do, just take a look at our step by step guide.


Step one:

Ideally you should use a HD makeup for your base as you will obviously be photographed a lot and it will give you the best results. Take liquid, fine textured foundation and apply with a brush all the way down onto your neck and chest if your dress has a low front. This will even out your skin tone, just make sure that you blend well.


Step two:

Take a crème blush and apply this to the apples of your cheeks for a healthy looking glow.


Step three:

Prep your eye lids with a primer and then sweep over with a mink shade. Select a plum colour and blend this into the outer corner of your lid to give definition. Blend these two colours together and use this to line under the bottom lashes, adding a touch of the plum to the outer corner again. Sweep over the lid with a rose shade and then add a wash of highlighter to your brow bone.


Step four:

Now you can apply your concealer. It is better to apply this after eye shadow in case and has dropped from the lid to underneath your eye. Your foundation will also have sun in so you will be able to easily spot any areas that need concealing. Next, dust over with powder for a velvet look.
Step five: Take your black waterproof eyeliner and work it into the base of your eyelashes. Make sure that you thicken the line out at the outer corner of your eye. Now you can curl your lashes and apply your waterproof mascara. If necessary you can also apply individual lashes to thicken them out.


Step six:

There is no place for cracked lips so to make sure that they are lovely and smooth rub a cotton bud or toothbrush over them. Use a brown lip liner to stain all over your lips and then finish off with a pinky nude lipstick.

By Gemma

We have taken to the archives again for this week’s bridal look. Back in May 2014 Poppy Delevingne married her long time partner James Cook at St Paul’s Church in Knightsbridge. It was no surprise that the naturally beautiful bride looked stunning, and she chose to wear a custom made Chanel Haute Couture dress.

This style is perfect for those who have gone for a vintage style dress or one that has heavy embellishment, a high neck, or is strapless as these will complement the understated look. It will suit anyone as long as they have enough length to their hair as the wavy style will catch the light giving hair a glossy shine and show off its colour. It will look particularly good on brides with a square or round shape as it will soften your features. Naturally curly hair will hold the shape well, as will fine hair.

How to get the look

Step one:

Wash hair using a volumising shampoo and condition well. Create a good foundation by applying a strong hold mousse and then blow dry using a round brush so that you can generate extra volume and movement.

Step two:

Allow hair to part on your preferred side. Take a curling iron with a medium sized barrel and curl one inch sections, winding hair around the barrel the same way each time until you have curled your whole head.

Step three:

Leave the curls to cool completely before you touch them. Once cool you can then gently brush through your hair so that it forms full waves all the way around your head. Brushing will also cause the tightness in the curls to relax.

Step four:

Mist all over your hair with light hairspray to hold the shape but still allow some movement.

By Gemma

When Millie tied the knot with her rapper fiancé Professor Green (real name Stephen Manderson) we knew that it would be a chic affair. The reality TV starlet who appeared on the hit show ‘Made in Chelsea’ is known for her effortless style, and never puts a foot wrong when it comes to fashion. She chose to walk down the aisle in a beautiful vintage wedding dress by Alice Temperley, but what really topped off her look was her ultra feminine plaited hair do.



Having seen the photos from Millie’s special day, we have put together a step by step guide so that you can have a go at recreating her wedding day hair yourself.

Get the look

Step 1:

Having washed your hair you can now add texture and volume to it by applying some mousse to your towel dried hair. Make sure that you work it through from the root to the tip before blow drying using a round brush.

Step 2:

Once your hair is dry you can now divide it down the middle for a centre parting, brushing so that both sections are nice and smooth.

Step 3:

Now, loosely plait each section and secure the finished plaints with clear hair bands.

Step 4:

Next, take one of the plaits and place it around the top of your head, fixing them in place with Kirby grips. Do exactly the same with the other plait making sure that none of the grips or the hair bands are visible.

Step 5:

You can now gently loosen each plait, putting extra grips in place if you need to. Finish off with some strong hold hairspray to make sure that the style stays in place all day.

By Gemma