Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

Beautiful Bridal HAirstyles

I just love creating beautiful bridal hairstyles!

I started my career wanting to specialise in bridal makeup, with hair as my second passion.

However, once I started working with my brides I discovered that I loved working with hair just as much as I loved working with makeup!

My hairstyling work has gone from strength to strength and I like to think my love for my work shows in the results.

What’s more, I’ve won several awards, including the UK Best wedding Hairstylist and best Wedding Hair Specialist of the Year 2020.

Working with different hair types

Because I have experience working with all different hair types and hair lengths, you can be confident of beautiful hair on your wedding day.

Take a look at the ‘Help for Brides’ page and get advice on lots of topics.

You’ll find out how what to do with natural curls and creating bridal hairstyles for fine hair.

What’s more you can also get advice on working with short hair and long, thick heavy hair and lots more.

There are also lots more images for you to look at on these pages too :)

What’s more, I also teach bridal hairstyling, with my company Create Beautiful Hair.

So, if you’re a DIY bride head over to the training pages and find out hoe to create your own bridal hairstyle for your wedding day.

Bridal hair trial run

I always recommend having a trial run in advance of the wedding day.

And I’m happy to do the trial run anything from 1 week to 12 months before the wedding, so that’s pretty flexible.

On the trial take your time and try different ideas, it’s a good idea to get a few images together of hairstyles that you like.

This way, I’ll get a feel for the kind of hairstyles you have in mind. We’ll also have a chat about your dress flowers and colour scheme.

It’s important that everything works together seamlessly on your big day.

If you have any questions about bridal hair or wedding makeup, please get in touch :)

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Have a lovely wedding day!